Horticultural Therapy uses plants, gardening activities, and the power of nature in professional therapy and rehabilitation programs as well as in home-garden settings. It is a holistic approach that supports the social, psychological, and physical needs of people who are physically- and/or mentally-challenged ~ no matter what their age ~ as it nurtures body, mind, and spirit.

Our services include:

  • Design, Planting, & Maintenance of Gardens that Can Enhance Your Life ~
    Organic vegetable gardens, s
    piritual gardens, healing gardens, and Zen gardens

  • Consultation on Horticultural Therapy ~
    Let us provide direction so you can create that special place

  • Planning a Horticultural Therapy Garden ~
    Together, we can create a healing garden that works for you

  • Container Gardens for Public Places ~
    We can design and maintain therapeutic gardens for all to enjoy and benefit

  • Herb & Kitchen Gardens ~
    We can customize a garden that is healthy and suits your taste!

  • Tropical Gardens ~
    For learning and therapy

  • Shade Gardens ~
    Specializing in ferns and other shade-loving perennials

  • Spring, Summer, & Autumn Bulb Gardens ~
    Maximizing the life of these hidden treasures

  • Companion Planting ~
    Let us help enhance your space through plant propagation


Ability Beyond Disability, Ridgefield, CT. ~ J. Metzger

In 2006, Beau's Bouquets designed a Horticultural Therapy Garden in Ridgefield, CT for Ability Beyond Disability.

This garden is utilized by the residents who find the experience of engaging in tending the garden both rewarding and nurturing. They grow, attend to, and use the vegetables and herbs harvested from the raised-bed gardens for preparing snacks and meals, which cultivates a sense of purpose in their lives. In addition, the flowerbeds attract a wide variety of butterflies and birds that are enjoyed by all.

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